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1 Application Control

This module enables you to block and allow "applications", also named as "protocols". WFilter identifies each application by digital signature matching, even p2p applications can be completely blocked.

  • Each client can be applied with multiple policies.
  • Every policy can set "applied to clients" and "effective time".
  • Besides the applied to "clients" and "time", detailed "app control policy" settings are described in below.

2 Rule Evaluation

  • "Match all" means all rules will be evaluate. A visit will be blocked if any rule blocked it.
  • "Match first" means only the first matched rule can block access. You can sort rules in this mode. For example, in "match first" mode, you can add a "block all" rule to all users. To allow a client, you can add an allow rule, and move this rule to top of the "block all".

Ros appcontrol 03.png

3 Dynamic Filter

Every application(protocol) has three properties: "time-waisting", "bandwidth" and "risk". With dynamic filter, you can block applications by properties.

  • When dynamic filter is enabled, you still can set blocking for each application.
  • Every property has 1-5 five levels. For example, bandwidth(5-high) means this application occupies bandwidth in the highest level.

Ros appcontrol 01.png

4 Deny and Allow

  • You may check the applications list and set policy by clicking "edit".
  • If "state" is "Automatic", this application will match the "dynamic filter" rule. "Deny" state applications will be blocked. "Allow" state applications will not be blocked.
  • Applications with "-" properties won't be matched by "dynamic filter" rule.
  • When "Priority" is enabled, this application won't be blocked by other rules or modules. For example, For example, "qq file transfer" is relayed by websites; if you block web surfing, "qq file transfer" will also be blocked unless "Priority" of "qq file transfer" is enabled.

Ros appcontrol 02.png

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