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1 PPTP Server

PPTP server can provide PPTP VPN service for external users to connect.

  • You can check VPN clients ip addresses and usernames in "Real-time Bandwidth".
  • VPN users are not be applied by Access_Policy.
  • Activity of VPN users won't be recorded by Internet Usage.

2 PPTP Settings

Description of PPTP settings:

  • Users: only "local users" with "VPN" priviledge have VPN access.
  • IP Range: the ip addresses to be assigned to VPN clients. (Must be a LAN subnet)
  • Protocols: supported auth protocols, which shall be consistence with VPN client settings.
  • MPPE: when enabled, PPTP server will require 128bit MPPE stateless encryption.

Faq pptp001.png

  • If you want to assign static ip and limit bandwidth to PPTP clients, you need to setup "PPPoE Property" in "Accounts" settings.

Faq pptp002.png


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